Smartsheet for Construction Schedule and Resource Management

Smartsheet is a versatile generic project management platform that has gained significant recognition among professionals for its robust features for task management, scheduling and resource management. Let’s delve into how Smartsheet can benefit construction teams.

Can I use Smartsheet for Construction?

The boring answer is: It depends..
Smartsheet is a powerful project management tool – but its not tailored for the unique needs of construction projects. With that being said; Smartsheet offers a wide range of functionalities that can be utilized by construction professionals:

Construction Scheduling: Smartsheet allows construction teams to create and manage project schedules. Its Gantt chart view enables users to visualize project timelines, allocate tasks, set dependencies, and monitor progress.

Resource Management: Managing construction resources is critical for project success. Smartsheet provides tools to allocate and track resources, ensuring that teams have the right materials and equipment when needed. This feature helps optimize resource utilization and prevent overallocation or underutilization.

Task Tracking: Construction projects involve numerous tasks and sub-tasks. Smartsheet’s task tracking capabilities enable construction professionals to monitor task progress, milestones, and deadlines in real-time, helping teams stay on track.

Collaboration: Effective collaboration is essential in construction projects, which often involve multiple stakeholders. Smartsheet offers features such as document sharing, discussion boards, and real-time updates, fostering seamless teamwork among on-site and remote team members.

Reporting and Analytics: Smartsheet provides robust reporting and analytics tools, allowing construction teams to gain insights into project performance. This data-driven approach helps in making informed decisions and optimizing project outcomes.

How much does Smartsheet cost?

Smartsheet offers several pricing plans, making it accessible to construction teams of varying sizes and needs:

Free Plan: Smartsheet has a free plan for 1 user and up to 2 editors. This plan is suitable for individual users or small teams with basic requirements.

Pro Plan: Starting at $7/user/month, it offers advanced features such as automated workflows, dashboards, and integrations, making it suitable for medium-sized construction teams.

Business Plan: $25/user/month, with a minimum of 3 users. For businesses that want to manage projects and programs with unlimited free editors.

Enterprise Plan: Designed for larger organizations with complex project management needs, the Enterprise plan offers custom pricing and advanced security features. Pricing is available upon request.

What's the Downsides of using Smartsheet for Construction?

While Smartsheet is a powerful project management platform, it’s essential to consider its limitations, especially for the use case of construction teams:

Not Tailored for Construction While Smartsheet is a powerful tool, its not made for Construction. Its a general project management tool made for the masses. If your team need specific professional features for the construction industry there are better alternatives for project management. We really recommend trying out our own Resource and Construction Scheduling Tool.

Learning Curve: Some users may find the platform’s extensive features initially challenging to navigate, requiring time for full proficiency.

Cost: The pricing may be a concern for smaller construction teams with limited budgets, especially if they require advanced features available in higher-tier plans.

Customization: While highly versatile, Smartsheet may not meet the very specific and unique needs of certain construction projects without extensive customization.

What are the Strong Points of using Smartsheet for Construction?

Smartsheet offers several strengths that make it an attractive choice for schedule and resource management:

User-Friendly Interface: Despite its depth of functionality, Smartsheet provides a user-friendly interface, ensuring accessibility for construction team members with varying technical expertise.

Collaboration: Smartsheet’s collaboration features facilitate efficient communication and teamwork, vital for construction projects involving numerous stakeholders.

Real-Time Updates: Users can monitor project progress in real-time, allowing for quick response to changes or issues that may arise during construction.

Scalability: Smartsheet can accommodate the needs of both small construction teams and large organizations, making it versatile and adaptable.

Smartsheet Alternatives for Construction Teams

While Smartsheet is a powerful project management tool for scheduling and resource management, there may be better alternatives that’s more tailored for construction: offers construction-focused project management tools, including scheduling and resource management, with a focus on the construction industry.

Procore: Procore is a comprehensive construction management software known for its financial tools, document management, and project management capabilities.

Buildertrend: Buildertrend specializes in construction project management and offers features for scheduling, communication, and client management.

Trello: Trello is a user-friendly project management tool suitable for smaller construction teams with straightforward needs.

In conclusion, Smartsheet is a powerful platform that can be used for construction scheduling and resource management for construction teams. Its construction-focused features, collaboration capabilities, real-time monitoring, and scalability make it a valuable tool in the construction industry. However, as with any software choice, it’s advisable to explore alternatives to ensure it aligns perfectly with your construction project requirements.

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