Smithson Contractors Utilizes Buildplanner to Streamline Operations and Focus on Growth

Type: General Contractor
Employees: 50
Location: United Kingdom

Smithson Contractors, a mid-sized general contracting firm in the UK, faced increasing challenges in managing multiple construction projects and effectively allocating resources. 

Implementing has allowed them to automate the scheduling process, leading to increased efficiency, improved project outcomes, and substantial company growth.

“Before Buildplanner, we were drowning in spreadsheets or our project scheduling. Now, everything is in one place, making our lives incredibly easier,” says John Smith, Project Manager at Smithson Contractors.

Introduction to the Company: Smithson Contractors

Type: General Contractor
Employees: 50
Location: United Kingdom

Located in Manchester, Smithson Contractors has been a staple in the UK’s construction industry for over 20 years. 

They specialize in residential and commercial projects, ranging from single-family homes to office buildings. 

Despite their reputation for quality work, they faced growing challenges in project and resource management, affecting their profitability and scalability.

“The comprehensive overview provided by Buildplanner has been invaluable for our strategic planning. It’s a must-have tool for any serious contractor,” states Richard Smithson, CEO of Smithson Contractors.

Why they needed a change

Smithson Contractors’ primary challenge was managing the intricacies of scheduling across various projects concurrently. They struggled with:

  1. Resource Allocation: Determining the best use of manpower and machinery was becoming increasingly complicated.

  2. Real-time Collaboration: Team members found it difficult to collaborate in real-time, leading to delays and miscommunications.

  3. Project Overview: Lack of a centralized system to monitor all ongoing projects made it hard to make informed decisions quickly.

The goals with a construction scheduling tool

The company aimed to:

  1. Streamline the scheduling and allocation of both human and material resources.
  2. Enable real-time collaboration among team members.
  3. Gain a simplified yet comprehensive overview of all projects for better decision-making.


Smithson Contractors turned to Buildplanner for its robust features and cloud-based flexibility. With Buildplanner, they were able to:

  1. Easy Scheduling: Allocate resources and set timelines for all projects in one place, saving hours of manual work switching between excel sheets.

  2. Enable Collaboration: Share schedules online, allowing project managers and site supervisors to update and view tasks in real-time.

  3. Unified Dashboard: Utilize an intuitive dashboard for a comprehensive view of all projects, tasks, and resources.


Upon signing up for Buildplanner, Smithson Contractors immediately began integrating it into their workflow.

The onboarding process was straightforward, and within a week, all team members were proficient in using the platform.

Because of the free trial it was easy to let everyone try out the tool before settling. This got everyone engaged and we had a easier time to get everyone in the wagon when we finally decided.


By implementing, Smithson Contractors has effectively overcome their project and resource management challenges.

The platform has not only increased operational efficiency but has also allowed them to focus on what truly matters – quality construction and company growth.

By adopting Buildplanner, Smithson Contractors has set a new standard for project management in the construction industry, demonstrating how technological investment can lead to tangible benefits in efficiency and profitability.

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