Sterling Commercial Contractors Elevate Efficiency with Buildplanner's Straight Forward Scheduling

Type: Commercial Construction
Employees: 122
Location: United Kingdom

Sterling Commercial Contractors, a mid-sized contractor firm in the UK specializing in commercial projects, grappled with optimizing the use of their heavy machinery and avoiding double bookings.

Using’s heavy equipment scheduling and resource overview features, they’ve managed to significantly improve the runtime of their 25 excavators and streamline their scheduling process, leading to higher profitability and more seamless operations.

“Buildplanner’s heavy equipment scheduling is a lifesaver. Our excavators have never been this efficiently utilized,” says Tim Reynolds, Equipment Manager at Sterling

Introduction to the Company: Sterling Commercial Contractors

Type: Commercial Construction
Employees: 122
Location: United Kingdom

With headquarters in Birmingham, Sterling Commercial Contractors is a key player in the commercial construction sector in the UK. While they’ve been successful in winning projects, managing their fleet of 25 excavators and preventing double bookings had become a bottleneck for growth.

“The Resource Scheduling Overview has been a game-changer for us. It has eliminated double bookings and made our bi-weekly scheduling meetings much more effective,” mentions Laura Mitchell, Project Coordinator at Sterling.

Challenges: Maximize equipment runtime and resource allocation

Sterling faced two key challenges:

  1. Optimizing Heavy Machinery: Ensuring their 25 excavators had maximized runtime was difficult given their busy schedule.

  2. Resource Allocation: Frequent double bookings and lack of a centralized system made it hard to allocate resources effectively.

The goals with a resource scheduling tool: Smooth operations

Sterling’s objectives were clear:

  1. Maximize the use of their fleet of excavators.
  2. Minimize double bookings to ensure smooth operations.


To address these challenges, Sterling turned to, primarily for:

  1. Heavy Equipment Scheduling: Specifically tailored for excavators and such, this feature enabled optimized machinery use which is crucial for a contractor with lots of heavy equipment.

  2. Resource Scheduling Overview: This provided a single, simplified overview of all tasks and resources, making double bookings easier to avoid.

Fast and Easy Implementation

Sterling implemented Buildplanner within a month.

The intuitive interface made onboarding quick and efficient, with staff training completed within two weeks.

  1. Improved Runtime: Through heavy equipment scheduling, the runtime of their 25 excavators improved by an impressive 8%.

  2. Avoided Double Bookings: With the Resource Scheduling Overview, double bookings were minimized, due to better collaboration between different teams and managers.

“The comprehensive overview Buildplanner provides allows us to make quicker, more informed decisions, enhancing our productivity,” states James Sterling, CEO of Sterling Commercial Contractors.

Conclusion: Better utilization of heavy machinery and less double bookings

Sterling Commercial Contractors has effectively leveraged to overcome their unique challenges.

Not only have they significantly improved the utilization of their heavy machinery, but they’ve also streamlined their scheduling processes to avoid double bookings, allowing them to focus on delivering quality commercial projects.

By integrating Buildplanner into their operations, Sterling Commercial Contractors has demonstrated that the right technology can solve traditional industry challenges, allowing them to focus on what they do best—building impressive commercial structures.

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